Why İs My Cat Rubbing?

It’s a frequent move by cats, rubbing. They especially like rubbing our legs. They strengthen your bond with you by rubbing you.

Odor secretion glands are present on all sides of cats, especially on the tail, head, cheek, mouth and front paws. If your cat crawls on you, it actually marks you as ait your own ”. All kinds of living inanimate beings (furniture, slippers, doors, etc.) that they rubbed have already been theirs.

Your cat often starts by pressing the top and side of the head against your leg or arm. It then rubs the neck and body respectively. And last but not least, he wraps his tail gracefully around you. In the meantime, his eyes look at you slightly narrowed. The stage returns to the beginning and rubs again. If you love your cat’s head, it will continue to rub or press your head towards your hand. Sometimes they get too caught up and pull your hand to the head with their front paws as if to tell you that you don’t love them well enough.

When the friction session is over, they go away from you. They sit down and begin to lick their bodies and sides. All of these are special behaviors one by one and each has meaning.

Every typical cat exchanges odor with its friction movements. Cats have special odor glands on the sides of their heads and mouths. There are fragrance glands in the area where the tail starts. When your cat rubs, it marks you with no smell. We cannot perceive this smell because we are living creatures that are as underdeveloped as cats. However, in the world of cats, such odor changes are very important among individuals in the family. Friction behavior is an indication that your cat embraces and embraces you. In this way, they live in peace and confidence in the same environment.