Dogs sometimes itch with an arbitrary but especially if it scratches and scratches or scratches in the area where it scratches your attention to the veterinarian must show your dog.

Dogs have diseases that cause itching. You can see it as itching when you look at it, but you can go to the veterinarian to learn the reason for your dog’s itching and start treatment.

Skin Diseases in Dogs

• Bran

• Tick, bit and pyrite

• Dog Sheep

• Changes in Color or Textures

• Dry and Flaky Leather


Your dogs may not see the insects themselves. However, fleas and eggs can be seen between the hairs. Overheating and itching, skin crusting and red spots are among the symptoms. Intense flea infestation can lead to anemia and anemia. This situation can make dogs sensitive to other parasites such as tapeworm. Treatment with topical or oral drugs is possible. You should clean your dog’s place and hut.

Dog Scabbard

Scabies in dogs known as sarcoptic scabies can spread rapidly between dogs, even to humans. However, these parasites cannot live in humans. The symptoms are intense itchy, red skin, wounds and feather loss. The most affected organs of the dog are ears, face and legs. Demodex scabies cause hairless areas, scabs and wounds. However, it is not possible for dogs to spread and spread to humans. Treatment varies according to the type of scabies.


Ticks are external parasites that feed on blood like fleas. You can see the presence of the tick on your dog with the naked eye. To remove the tick correctly from your dog’s skin, grasp the tick with the tweezer closest to your dog’s skin and pull gently. Pulling quickly and firmly can cause the head of the tick to stay on the dog’s skin. This can result in your dog getting infected.


There are a few things you can do to prevent or treat dandruff in dogs. Do not wash your dog’s hairs often, do not wash excessively, use shampoo suitable for sensitive skin.

Changes in Color or Textures

These changes can herald some problems in metabolic and hormone hand. If you notice obvious changes, you must contact your veterinarian.

Dry and Waxed Leather

Dry and flaked skin may be the signal of most problems. Allergy is a common symptom of scabies and other skin diseases. Often, dry and scaly skin does not have a serious meaning. Make sure you feed your friend with quality food. Some of the dogs’ skins can dry out in the winter as people do. If this makes your dog uncomfortable, you can consult the veterinary examination.