Why Do Cats Sleep with Their Owners?

Cats sleep very close to their mothers when they are young. So, instinctively, you’re the cat’s mother now. Therefore, your cat will repeat these habits in the first months of life. If your pet wants to sleep on your lap; this is because he wants to feel safe in the event of any situation that may threaten his safety. By being in touch with you, you know that nothing bad will not happen.

Even if you bought your cat the most expensive bed, it wouldn’t change anything for him hiçbir There is nowhere else that is more comfortable than the body of the cat owners. Your cat will lie there for a long time, spreading its paws, belly and head all over the area it finds on your lap.

Who said cats aren’t friendly and don’t like us? If your cat is sleeping on your lap, it’s because your cat really loves you. Sleeping on your lap is one of the ways that your cat can show you how you feel without using words or exaggerating your feelings.