The reactions of a dog with high confidence are different from the reactions of a restless dog. There is also fear among these reactions. Causes of fear reactions of dogs in general, the reasons for fear of the dog

• There are dogs that behave badly. We, the dogmates, are very angry with the dog, in some cases beatings and constantly screaming, the dog gradually closes into itself.

• It is normal for dogs to fear, but what is important is a puppy dog’s response when a puppy encounters a new event or an object.

• When the biggest mistake is unexpected, the owner of the dog runs to his offspring and tries to comfort him. However, dogs identify the reaction of their owners with fear.

• The dog is in a disturbing environment or is exposed to traumatic events.

How the Dog Fears

• Try to escape from the environment

• Damages the environment

• Show offensive behavior

• Threats are detected in their movements.

To Soothe the Dog

After determining the factors that cause dogs to fear, a solution should be sought. If the problem is another dog, you can make your dog feel strong. If the house is affected by cries, you must take your dog out of the environment and take it to a quieter place. Besides, when he is scared you must feel your love for him, like his feathers and caress the places he likes. You can also make light massages and reduce the tension in the body. Especially when you are scared, you should be there for you, and you should help with the sleep process. If possible, you should keep it near you and make sure that you are afraid of it.

The fear that your dog feels is the truth. Be patient and try to understand it

When your dog is scared, your dog may bark, feel aggressive, act aggressively or, on the contrary, try to lower his tail and take refuge in a corner. Do not be fooled by your dog’s reactions at the time he was scared.

Relaxing massage

Massaging is very important in calming stress in dogs. Massage endorphins, which is a hormone of happiness, increases and makes your dog move away from negative emotions caused by stress.

Replace Negative Behavior with Positive

Let him focus on something more positive to forget his fear. His favorite toy, his favorite prize, helps you get his attention. When your dog is distracted from the bark he is afraid of, or from the object he has escaped, from the toy you offer him, to the toy or to the game, to throw the feared object or situation into the second. Doing so constantly changes your dog’s perception of the coding, and hence at the end of it, for example, when you get into the car or before you run the vacuum cleaner.

Contact your dog.

Talk to him in a soft and calm voice, tell him that everything is normal, that it’s okay, how much you love him.