Your first instinct is to be old stress and panic kaç when your dog runs away or disappears. But in such a situation it would be better to be calm and step by step, because every minute your dog may be moving further away from you.

• When your dog is lost, you should first look for your immediate surroundings and the places where you think your dog may go.

• You should notify your neighbors and show them if you have one.

• It is also important to consider the possibility of your dog being stuck in a closed place during this search.

• During a call, you must make a call by shouting the name and make sure that you check for hazardous areas such as pits, construction areas and wells.

• If, after a certain period of time, the calls did not give a positive result, you should print and distribute the flyers with your dog’s picture and contact number in the nearby central locations and reach as many people as possible.

• Contact veterinarian clinics and animal hospitals in the vicinity to make sure your dog is there.

• If you have not been able to find a result by yourself, you will be asked to get help from your immediate surroundings and anyone else you may want.

• Dogs have a strong sense of direction and a lost dog can find his way back home.

• Considering this alternative, you can leave items that you and your scent suck out of the house and help your dog.

• Above all, you should have priority to have your dog put on a chip and have a contact number on it.

• By this way, it will be easier for you to find your dog and reach out to you.