Diarrhea is a very common disease that affects many dogs. This may be a more serious problem than we think, especially if we don’t know how to treat it. It can cause your animal to lose too much fluid or cause it to worsen due to intestinal bacteria.

Diet change

Reaction to a specific food

Consumption of garbage or spoiled food

Digestion of a foreign material such as a toy, plastic bag

Allergic reaction

Bacterial or viral infection

Internal parasites

Intestinal diseases

Kidney and liver disorders

Cancer and tumor in digestive system-related organs

Some drugs

A dog with diarrhea must not eat anything for 24 hours, just giving him something to eat would only make it worse. The cause of diarrhea is intestinal bacteria, you feed them when you feed your dog. However, if your dog does not eat anything, these bacteria will starve.

As we mentioned before, the animal should not eat anything for 24 hours. At the end of this period, the animal can only begin to apply a light diet after feeling better. If the animal doesn’t feel better, we need to get him to a vet.

A light diet can include very few chickens and cooked fish if you like rice (not salted) or animal. This diet depends on what the animal loves the most. You should feed your dog three or four times a day with small portions. Don’t worry because your dog has diarrhea: This is a very common disease, and if you listen to our advice, your dog will heal much faster than you think.