Hair loss, which is a physiological phenomenon in dogs, does not mean that the hairs are completely spilled and the animal’s fur is completely removed. It is a continuous pouring in the style of mosaic. Although the exact cause is not known, it can often be considered as an effort to adapt to the ambient temperature of the animal body during seasonal changes. In some cases, the same type of food as the one-way diet, as a result of the consumption of home-made foods such as vitamins or fatty acid deficiency is also seen. In addition, external parasites and skin infections caused by bacteria and fungal infection caused by licking and itching caused by the formation of advanced hairless skin areas.

Causes of excessive hair loss

• Irritant, caustic, hard materials

• Cancer

• Parasites: Fleas, ticks, bitter parasites

• Fungal or bacterial infections

• Immune system diseases

• Kidney, liver, thyroid, or adrenal diseases

• Pregnancy, lactation (breast-feeding)

• Self-mutilation due to continuous licking

• Sun burns

When Should I Take The Veterinarian

If you are a complainant for the following reasons, it is best to go to the vet immediately. Your veterinarian will apply the necessary treatment depending on the health problem causing the hair loss.

• Permanent feet licking or rubbing the face

• Feathers and dryness of feathers, hair in the hair as a comb when you walk very easily

• Open wound

• Sparse hairs due to excessive hair loss or hairs

• Itching

• Skin irritation, redness, bloating, itching

To Prevent Dog from Spreading Hair

• The hairs should be scanned regularly. The dog does not screen regularly, with proper combs and apparatus suitable for the type of your friend, it is very important for the health of the fur.

• Can not wash our dog is often harmful. It disrupts the skin’s natural fat balance, irritates the skin and causes more hair loss and smells of hair. But it is necessary to wash and clean in a certain order. Special dog shampoos should be used for this.

• Oils play 3 important roles in dog feeding. First, they provide energy. Two, the nutrients are made more delicious and prevents rapid decay. Finally; They contain healthier hairs and fatty acids for skin.

• Dog clothing increases hair loss. Some genera are genetically influenced by the cold, and in winter, they may need to wear coats. Even if your dog is one of these breeds, it must be removed from the cold when it enters the warm environment.

• There are two options for protecting your dog friend against external parasites; You should use natural parasol preservatives or chemical parasite protectors that you will buy or buy at home. • Depressed dogs are feathers. Your dog friend’s loneliness worry, fear, phobia, such as problems, hair loss causes