Most cats don’t like to travel. Because they are connected to their own environment and they feel very vulnerable when you are away from this environment. In particular, neutered cats’ interest in the outside world is to watch birds from the edge of the glass.

However, in some cases, traveling with a cat may become compulsory. When you take your cat to the vet, you can experience a journey full of shouts. If you want to take the train / car or air travel with your cat, you will have to pay attention.

For Your Cat’s Safety

1- Be calm. Cats are living things that can perceive stress. If you make your cat feel stressed, you can put things in a lot more.

2- Make sure that your cat has a large cat carry the entire journey. It may be dangerous to lose the cat inside the car. You must ensure road safety.

3- If you plan to remove your cat from the carrying case, check that the windows and doors of the vehicle are closed and make sure that the cat collar is attached.

4- If you haven’t used your cat to leash, never remove your cat from the bag without a leash.

5 – Never give your cat medication without consulting your veterinarian before your trip. Uncontrolled tranquilizers can have dangerous consequences.

6- Before you go on the journey of your veterinarian, make sure that you do not have any possible side effects that you should test at home.

7- Make sure that your cat does not stay in the airless or extremely hot environment. Take precautions for problems such as solar shock.

8- Do not leave your cat alone in the vehicle.

Take Care of Your Cat’s Choice to Make Your Cat Comfortable

1- Choose a bag in which your cat can easily stretch and move.

2- If you can, you can prepare a part of the vehicle with a special cage for your cat.

3- If you have a big cage ready for your cat, you can also travel with your favorite friend. The friend that will be with him will make him feel safe.

4- Do not forget to place urine pads under your carrying case. Do not forget to have extra pads on your side.

5- Place the blanket or piece of cloth into the bag.

6- By placing an item that belongs to you, it will make your cat feel safe.

7- You can have natural calming spray for your cat.

Water And Toilet Needs For The Trip

1- Have wipes with you against toilet accidents.

2- Keep disposable disposable aluminum stool bags with you

3- You can place the cage or bag can be easily used by your cat.

4- You can use the food that your cat uses constantly. New food on the journey is not recommended

5- You can meet your cat’s food water needs during your breaks.

6- Most cats do not eat or drink during the journey and do not worry about this situation.

Watch out for the journey

1 – If your journey will be between countries, make sure you have the necessary documents. If you are going to be intercity, make sure you have a document with your cat’s identity and vaccination information.

2- Most cats don’t let wild meows affect you on the road.

3- Use tool calm. Cats are susceptible to acceleration, deceleration and similar movements.

Air travel

If you intend to travel with your cat, you should make a good planning in advance. You can choose a single airline and how they can move your cat can affect your choice. Most airlines do not allow cats to travel with their owners and the cat has to travel on a special part of the luggage compartment, hot and pressurized.

If possible, book a flight directly to your cat; This will also prevent problems associated with waiting in a very hot or cold country. This may also affect the timing of your flight. In the standards of the International Air Transport Association, it is stated that the transport box should not exceed enough size to stand and easily rotate around itself. Before traveling, contact the airline to get detailed information about the transportation conditions.