Cats secrete large amounts of fluid through their eyes. If the eyes are not cleaned, these fluids will eventually dry out and build up, causing burrs and infection. For this reason, we should pay attention to our cat’s eye cleanliness and we should routinely perform cat eye cleaning. The incidence of eye fluid flow varies according to the type of cats.

Especially Iranian cats because of the eye structure of the eyes more often than the other types of dirt. Since the nose of Iranian cats is flattened, the canals of the nose are short and narrow. For this reason, the liquid flows out and accumulates. If you have an Iranian cat, you should not neglect eye cleaning.

Your cat may not always keep his eyes and eyes clean with his own efforts. If he rubs his eyes on the rugs, furniture, or scrubbed paws to ease himself, he can scratch his eyes and cause more foreign material to enter his eye. Eye cleaning eye infections in cats due to bacteria formed by burrs around the eyes to provide regular eye cleaning is very important in terms of their health.

How to Clean the Eyes of Cats?

While cleaning our cat’s eyes, the materials we need are cotton and cat eye cleaning solution. This solution can be obtained from veterinarians or animal stores.

Drop a solution on a piece of cotton. You can use it much easier if your cotton makeup is flat like a cleaning pad.

With the solution we drip, we wipe the cat’s eye slowly from the inside out.

We avoid the solution of cotton or solution in the eyes of our cat. There is something you need to know at this point. Some solutions can be instilled into the eye. In other words, if the solution enters the cat’s eye it has no harm. You can be comfortable with this type of expression on the solution you are using. Or you can consult your veterinarian before use.

The important thing here is to clean the outside frame of the cat’s eye, so don’t try to open it when the cat closes his / her eyes with reflex.

After wiping the outer frame, we gently wipe the burrs and stains accumulated in the eye well. If the burr has been there for a long time, it may be dried up and it becomes difficult to get a snap. In such a case, only touch the cotton with plenty of solution. Waiting for a few minutes will ensure that the burr is moistened and softened. Then you can clean the remains with cotton.

What you need to pay attention to;

• You have to do eye cleaning with solutions specially designed for cats. However, you can use cotton-soaked cotton if your solution is not available.

• You should choose a time when your cat’s mood is appropriate before starting eye cleaning.

• It will make it easier for you to award your cats after care.