Your dog has the same foodstuff as fats, carbohydrates, and most importantly animal proteins. Nutrition is an important point for the dog to remain healthy in every period. The more important the solid foods, the more important it is for your dog to get the amount of water required. Experts recommend this amount as 2.5 times the food received by the dog on a daily basis. An adult dog eating one kilogram of dog food should drink 2.5 liters of water. This rate is more in pregnant dogs.

Sometimes we’ve got to give our little friends something other than dog food. We should be careful, even if the food we provide is useful. Because there are a lot of things that can be harmful to our lovely friends.

• You can add bananas to your loyal friend with the peace of mind. It will treat both taste and soft tissue and treat it if the digestive system is broken.

• Meat is one of the most popular foods by dogs. It is recommended that you give the meat after cooking. It is quite healthy.

• Dogs love fish food. It is also a product with high vitamins and nutritional value for dogs. If your dog is domestic, it is recommended to remove the bones.

• You can give your beloved macaroni, definitely not so salty or salty.

• Rice is a kind of nutrient which has high nutritional value and it has a soft texture. The rice food is also cooked with different flavors and we like it very much. Unless rice is too fat, it does not harm dogs.

• Carrot is a popular food by dogs because of its high nutritional value and its hard to eat. Healthy is.

• After removing the skin and bones of chicken and turkey, they can be given simply, raw or cooked. You can prepare a rich source of protein, chicken and turkey and your dog’s dinner, or put a piece of chicken or turkey meat on your dog’s food to make your food more appealing.