Since cats are curious creatures, they will want to share or at least taste one of your favorites. As long as they’re not too salty and too salty, it’s okay to share what you eat with your cat, but if you’re paying attention to your own health, you should be careful when giving some food to our lovely friends.

Food made out of dry food deteriorates quickly, especially in the summer warm in our homes in the food for a few hours, even if the food immediately deteriorates in your mind, such as home food or dry food, except you can prepare a nutrient in the morning to say that I will remove the evening, stopping your cat’s stomach may lead to corruption.

Chicken is a source of food that can be both beneficial and harmful for cats. That’s why we should be careful. First of all, do not give chicken as raw. If you give it as boiled or grilled, it will not create a problem. Most importantly, do not forget to give the bones in the chicken.

Fish is a food source that cats love very much. Fish, which is rich in phosphorus and easy to digest, should be extracted by removing bones for the health of our cat.

You can give the egg cooked to your cat. Although the egg is a protein source and a valuable nutrient, it must be cooked if it is to be given with the flux. Because there is a chemical substance that neutralizes vitamin B in raw egg white.

The combination of boiled vegetables and meat is a good candidate for a healthy diet for your cat. But a small amount of yogurt for calcium should be added to the menu.

Contrary to popular belief, cows do not digest milk and lactose in their stomach does not get good.

Some cats like to eat fruit. A small amount of fruit does not harm the cat. For example, apple, strawberry, watermelon, cherries, such as a small amount of fruit can give your cat. However, some fruits are very harmful to cats. Especially old grapes should not be fed.