Water Consumption in Cats

After two months of cats, the amount of water in their bodies increases to 75%. Your cat should consume regular water to maintain a normal life. Since cats do not consume a lot of water, we may need to direct them to increase the amount of water they receive from time to time. To do this, you can put stainless steel or porcelain water layers in various parts of your home, increasing the number of areas where they can reach the water.

If water consumption in cats is not sufficient, it may encounter discomfort such as stone, crystal formation and circulation problems in the kidneys in later years. The way to reduce the likelihood of these diseases is to keep water consumption in an appropriate amount.

 What should you do to make your cat drink water?

• First of all, it is very important that the water in front of cats is clean. Cats understand whether the water is clean and do not want to drink dirty water. Water containers should also be cleaned regularly to ensure clean water.

• Attention should be paid to the temperature of the water the cats drink. The water they drink should be cold in summer and warm in winter. This will increase the desire of cats to drink water.

• In addition, felidae often drink water from running water beds. they do not prefer stagnant water resources. This shows how much they care about water consumption. The health of all body systems is closely related to the quantity and quality of water. If possible, it is useful to prefer the water springs to your cats in your house. These flowing water springs regularly turn the water you put into the carbon filter and keep it clean and fresh. Or at best it is important to refresh the container 4-5 times a day.