Toilet training should be shaped in the environment where the dog lives, as it is connected with feeding and navigation hours. Trying to send the incomplete offspring to the training centers to receive this teaching will be negative for the puppy’s health and will fail in different orientation. It is necessary to understand that this manners must be given by the owners in the environment where the dog lives.

• Remove your dog regularly

Make sure your dog is in the right place at the right time to make your toilet. At first, take your dog out every hour. This reduces their chances of getting in and teaches them that it is good to go to the toilet.

• Recognize signs

When your dog needs to go to the toilet, you will immediately get to know the signs. Dogs often become fidgety, often looking for a suitable place to go, going around, squatting, or appearing distractingly. Be careful, especially after confectionery, feeding and periods left alone.

• Take them to the same spot

Try to take your dog to the same outdoors using the same outlet. This output must be visible to you, so you’ll know they want to go to the bathroom when they head towards the exit.

• Go out with your dog

The fact that you go out with your dog is an opportunity for your positive praises, it tells them that this is the right place to go and that you should calmly treat them with a treat.

• Continue walking

Move your dog a little further before entering. This will ensure that going to the toilet is not out of play time.

• Gradually reduce your hourly trips

After a few minutes, if your dog doesn’t have symptoms of going, let them back in. When you learn your dog’s toilet routine, you will be able to reduce hourly trips to the garden and focus on quality instead of quantity.

Things to Consider in Toilet Training

• If you find your dog inside the toilet or you think they will go, try to drive them in the garden in an exciting way.

• Even if your dog initially made a mistake, be sure to praise him when going to the outside toilet.

• There is nothing you can do if your dog has done another toilet. There is no effect of reprimanding the dog after the action.

• When cleaning after a dog’s accident, it is important to always clean the area properly.