There are many different opinions about whether to get them to bed. Some say against it, others say otherwise. Although some people find sleeping in the same bed as dogs sız unhealthy, unhygienic or behaviorally harmful ”, there are also many who argue that“ my dog ​​loves and is happy, relaxing and soothing “.

Allowing the dog to sleep with us can cause our own sleep to be interrupted (even when we need it), such as turning, dreaming, or barking at every sound. You can also enjoy your weekend sleep. Because remember, when he wants to go out and pee, he will try to tell you by licking.

And we haven’t even talked about when it’s too hot. On those days, it will turn your bed into an oven with all that hair and body temperature. And it’s worse if it fits in on you.

There are millions of invisible microorganisms in dogs such as bacteria, fungi and dirt. When they go out, they rub everything that comes in front of them and make a pee or poop anywhere. The mites on their feathers cause reactions in allergic people at any age. There is also the possibility of catching diseases caused by parasites such as ticks or fleas.

Although it sounds strange to you, in fact the best quality rest occurs when you sleep alone. And this includes humans and animals. Even if you do not sleep separately with your partner, at least do not allow your dog to climb the bed and sleep with you. Someone else’s actions, such as snoring, nightmares or turning around in bed, affect our sleep quality. In fact, this is a more serious problem, especially for those suffering from insomnia or those with mild sleepiness.

If you are still not convinced not to sleep with the dogs, you should also consider how the animal may suffer from this decision. Maybe you think you’re doing a good thing by letting him come to bed, but that’s not true. Dogs sleeping with their owners become more aggressive, insecure, tense and depressed. In addition, they may also want to mark their respective areas by peeing.

Finally, you should remember that sleeping with your dog can also cause problems in your family relationships. Lack of privacy with your partner can also cause problems.