This mysterious species, which is said to be one of the most adorable cat breeds of the planet, has an interesting personality with its movements as well as its appearance. Sphinx cat spoken with intelligence in particular is said to be educable. It is said that he likes to spend time together with the owner. Therefore, it is not suitable for families with busy working life.

Sphinx cat, who comes to the fore with his talkative personality, is very familiar with his surroundings. Sometimes this cute friend of ours who is behaving like a baby wants to be looked after. It has a structure that can play for hours if it is introduced to other pet animals that are always well-established with children. However, the nature of the sphinx cat, which is very sensitive due to its nature, does not want any pets other than itself.

The most prominent physical feature of the Sphinx cat will be the appearance of the skins with a completely layered skin. Its skin is very soft and smooth and can be seen in different colors and patterns. There is a very fine hair structure in the nose, foot and ear area. Female species are said to have a smaller appearance than men. In addition, the puppy sphinx is quite wrinkled and becomes tense as it reaches adulthood.

The sphinx cat, which has a noble appearance with its bony facial structure, protruding cheekbones and wedge-shaped head, has large ears. Muscular, hard and long body structure with a very strong appearance. Also the feet are larger than the other cat species. Its tail has a whip look at the tip.

• Sphinx Cat weight; Between 3.5 kilograms and 7 kilograms. Healthy Sphinxes are also called therapy cats because of their excellent relationship with humans.

• Social cats are always more preferred by families. Because conscious parents are aware that children in the developmental period should have good communication with animals.

• Sphinx cats, with their hairlessness, are cited as a cat that does not need much care. But this thought is wrong and is very dangerous for the health of the Sphinx cats.

• The skin of sphinx cats should always be applied with oils and lotions so that their skin remains moist. If skin care is incomplete; Skin and Skin Diseases may occur.