Puppies are very small when born and are completely dependent on their mother. So much so that puppies are in need of their mothers not only to feed but even toilets.

When puppies are born, their eyes and ears are closed. So baby dogs are blind and deaf when they come into the world. But their noses are open and they can use their sense of touch as well as their sense of smell to find their mother. They also use touch and smell sensations to find their mother’s breast for feeding.

His eyes are still developing when the pups are born. Even if the eyes of the newborns were open, they could not see them yet. The caps remain closed to protect their fragile state. When opened, dirt or germs can prevent growth. Even bright light can damage your eyes.

The pups’ eyes open two weeks after they are born. But even then, two week old puppies cannot see the world clearly. His greed continues to evolve for several weeks. Two and three week old puppies can track objects with their eyes and detect how far away a toy or moving object is.

An infection may develop in the eyes before opening a puppy. You may see swelling or pus caused by bacteria or a virus. Often this infection affects the glands that produce tears. The offspring’s immune systems are not fully developed yet, so they will have more difficulty fighting a pathogen. Rapid treatment by a veterinarian can prevent scars that can affect eyes and eyes that dry for life.