Dogs we have a fairly similar structure with people. Therefore, the stages of their development are similar to people. Dogs change milk teeth like the same babies and dog owners who do not know it often worry that their dogs are broken. Whereas the puppies pour their milk teeth is a natural part of their growth process.

How long does it take for dogs to change teeth?

In fact, the process of tooth change, which is the main teeth of puppies, is rather rapid. In other words, the baby’s teeth to be poured and replaced by new teeth in a short period of 1 month is completed. The pups tend to gnaw everything in this process because their teeth are itchy. For this purpose, you can benefit from the special teething toys that are specially designed for the dogs to scratch their teeth.

Dogs’ teeth are classified in terms of shape and function differences, just like we do.

• CUTTING WHEELS: 12 pieces. 6 of the front of the mouth of the dog mouth, 6 of the upper jaw is located.

• DOGS: These teeth, which are located on 2 upper and 2 lower jaws, are very different from other teeth.

• FRONT RATES: The canine comes immediately after the teeth. 8 are located in the upper jaw and 8 are located in the lower jaw.

• REAR SILLS: They come immediately after the pre-dangers. They are not found in babies under 4 months of age. The permanent ones are located in 4 upper jaws and 6 lower jaws.

Teeth are the first and most important instruments of nutrition. Periodically, the dog owner and veterinarian must have regular control of the teeth. Just as we do, in dogs, tooth decay, tooth breaks, gum disease and tartar problems can be seen. Dogs to prevent such problems:

• We should not feed with soft foods for a long time, because the use of soft foods for a long time increases the formation of dental stones.

• We should not forget that tooth fractures may occur due to the intensity of the use of cooked bone in nutrition.

• We should add natural source preparations that can be used to provide oral hygiene to the foods of our dogs.

• We have to check that the dry food we use is appropriate to the dental health procedure on the packaging.

• We should brush our dog’s teeth 1 or 2 times a week with appropriate brushes. We have to get the dog into this process from the time of her offspring.

• We should periodically check the teeth of our dog and check if there are any teeth that have changed or discolored, that the gums are healthy pink and that there is a bad odor in the mouth area of ​​our dog.

• Dog chewing toys, which are produced for dog mouth and dental health, are also helpful items that can be used to create their dental health.