Who doesn’t like a good massage? In addition to its many physical benefits, massage helps us relax and feel better overall. Well, you might be surprised to hear that the massage is also great for dogs.

Dogs are people who are in need of us, who are very much interested in attracting attention during the day. On the other hand, we like to keep them on hand and to pamper them. Massage will both enjoy and benefit your dog.

• Increases blood circulation. Such an external stimulation expands blood vessels, which increases circulation. Increasing your dog’s blood circulation will not only prolong life, but can also help prevent cardiovascular disease.

• Reduces stress and anxiety. The effect of massage is very similar to that of people because relaxation helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

• Strengthens the bond between you and your dog. You’ll get closer with your dog, which is possible because you’ll spend quality time together and your dog will enjoy it a lot.

Massage Techniques

Get your dog relaxed and calm for a massage. Gently strok your back, head and abdomen and start talking to your friend with a soft tone. Your relaxed dog will meet the compassionate touches normally and let you massage. However, if your friend is ill or has aggressive behaviors during the day, a more appropriate time for massage can be expected.

• Massage your dog’s head and neck helps you relax. However, pay attention to the temples and under the eyes when you massage your friend’s head.

• Your friend’s shoulders should be massage while running and jumping. With the help of the massage, your dog’s shoulders will relax and perform their activities more comfortably.

• Massage on your dog’s chest and legs will help your friend relax and he will feel like a pill for joint pain.

• The massage applied in a circular manner will relieve your friend’s backbone without applying too much pressure with your thumbs.

• During the day, our friend who needs frequent support from his back legs needs massage. Running, bouncing and scratching the back legs of our friend will relax with a sensitive massage.