Life Stages Of Dogs

Knowing what stage your dog is in life, when you find it scratching your head, it can help you in wondering why the seat breaks your shoe behind them or why they don’t want to leave the seat.

Small dogs often ripen much faster than large breed dogs. Larger species usually take longer to mature and have a shorter life. Remember that each dog matures and grows at different speeds. Below is a clear guide to help you know which stage your dog is at right now.

• Puppies: usually ends between 6 months and 12 months. This is the time of life in which your puppy learns the way in your life and how you will interact with you and other dogs.

• Adolescence: 6 months to 18 months. This is the time for the puppies kicked by hormones! Like toilet training or chewing, you can see a courtesy and even a decline in some of the things you have already taught them. This is a great time to start obedience training. Dog training material should start getting

• Adulthood: 1 to 3 years of age. Meanwhile, you will begin to see that your dog does not have the same amount of leaping energy. Remember, even if they don’t have the same energy, they still need exercise and activity. Improve this process in a positive way using dog supplements and vitamins

• Old age: It is between 6 and 10 years old. In this stage of your dogs’ life, you will begin to see signs of old age in its appearance and activities. They can also eat less and sleep more.

Dogs are all stages of your life and they bring new experiences for you. Remember to adopt these stages as they will pass.