Iranian Cat Features

Iranian cats, one of the oldest known cat breeds, have a great reputation all over the world. Persian cats, which are a part of almost every cat breed, are known all over the world under the name Persian. As it can be understood from its name, the origin of this race, which originated in Iran, is thought to be 17th century. This beautiful race, which was the result of a completely natural mutation, arrived in Europe in 1626.

They can be Iranian cats in every color or hybridize in mixed colors. The flattened face and nose of the Iranian Cat, unlike other cats, cause the fluid in the eyes to flow out rather than inward.

Keeping eyes always drained may cause dark spots around the eyes if not cleaned regularly.

The Iranian Cat is one of the most preferred cats at home, even though it has eyes that are cleaned every day and hairs that need to be groomed continuously.

The most important reason for this is the devotion to the owner, like a dog’s devotion, that he is constantly wandering around and that he is a calm cat who enjoys caressing by being hugged.

The Persian Cat is intelligent and learns quickly. Communication with people is strong. Beside all these beautiful features, it has a very beautiful exterior with its flattened face, chunky structure and fluffy feathers. He sits in the most beautiful corner of the house in a noble way and admits his guests.

Iranian cats have two layers of long and dense hairs. The feathers are suitable for knotting and causing fracture. If it is not regularly combed and maintained daily, clumps may occur on the hairs, making it impossible to remove them.

They must be fed with special cat food made for long-haired cats in order to remove them from the system.