The mating periods of the female dogs, which are described as the period of anger, ie the estranged dog, between the oestrus or the common people, show some differences compared to other domestic mammals. Depending on the breed of the dog and a number of factors, such as oestrus or anger twice a year on average, while some races can be seen once in a year, some in anger 3-4 times.

Dogs enter the period of anger during longer periods, unlike cats. Female dogs enter the period of anger once every 6 months or every 8 months, and this period lasts approximately 3 weeks. Regardless of the breeds, in most races, the female can see that when they are 6 months on average, they enter the first period of anger. In some races this period can also be observed after a period of 6 months. This delay is not a marker of a problem.

Male dogs, just like female dogs, enter into anger period from the 6th month on average. Depending on the breeds, this process can be advanced for a few months. Anger symptoms of female dogs usually occur in spring and autumn seasons. However, due to various environmental factors, dogs may experience irregularities during periods of anger, and may also be angry during periods that are completely independent of the seasons mentioned.

How to Take Care of an Angry Dog

If your dog is going through an anger period, there will be behaviors you should be aware of. It can be very troublesome for you to go for a walk with the angry dog; because all the dogs in the neighborhood will approach you and sometimes do it aggressively. Even male dogs come to your front door and mark their own parts by urinating.

• Isolation is the most typical way to deal with a female dog in an anger period; but the situation is not that complicated. If your female dog is in a state of anger, it is recommended that you keep it in a fenced garden.

• Sprays are useful for removing hormonal odors emitted by the dog. Likewise, it limits the pheromones to a certain extent, so that the odors of the female dogs during the anger period can become unnoticeable to male dogs. The application of these sprays is quite easy and it has also been proven several times that sprays are effective.

• There is an effective method used to provide care for your dog during an anger period: dog underwear. This new device can prevent fertilization but cannot prevent your dog’s mating request. Affordable dog undergarments are sold at many adjustable sizes in pet shops. Versions that are 100 percent washable work much better.

• How can you avoid all these dogs following your dog while you are walking with your dog in the park? One of the most effective things you can do is to change your walking program with your dog. For example, you can always postpone your afternoon walk until the night, and your early morning walk can be done at an earlier time.

• Men may become more aggressive because of the increase in hormones known as testosterone and cortisol. In addition, they become uneasy, so much bark, and they sail at night. In addition, he can try to escape from home or to mark his area by urinating everywhere.

• At the same time, men can become depressed, feel confused or careless when they leave the house, and engage in conflict with themselves.