Cats sleep a lot, but not all of their sleep is a deep sleep, usually their sleep is light. With a little click or touch they immediately open their eyes. These reactions are in fact related to the motives for survival. Especially for cats that live in nature. In case of any danger, they need to immediately wake up and stand on four legs.

On average, cats sleep 13 to 16 hours in 24 hours. This depends on the cat’s age and individual personality, but is roughly twice the amount of sleep we need as human beings. Then why do cats need more?

Cat sleep ranges from a deep sleep to a mild dose. Deep sleep usually lasts only up to five minutes at a time, whereas light sleep usually lasts from fifteen minutes to half an hour anywhere. Cats can take action to give instant news when they are having mild sleep. Their posture allows them to take almost instant positions, and their ears respond to the sounds around them and often remain upright throughout the sleep. They may have some tail movements, and perhaps they may have a ‘semi-open’ eye during this kind of sleep. However, deep sleep, including ears, postures will be much more comfortable.

Kittens and more mature cats tend to sleep more than the average adult healthy cat. However, they need to charge their batteries continuously, regardless of whether they are a naughty kitten or a slower old cat. This allows them to make the most of their time when they are awake and interact with you.

If you think your cat seems to fit more than usual for them, always ask your veterinarian for advice.