How to Wash a Dog at Home

It is an advantage for small dog owners at home dog washing can be thought provoking for large dog owners. You can wash a small dog in the sink, but if your dog doesn’t fit in the sink, using the bathtub can be the best solution for you. In some cases, you may want to use a different shower area for your dog. In such cases, a moveable dog bath is a good option. Some cuvettes are made of heavy materials, some are portable, can be easily used outside or at home. Buying a dog dry wash towel from our website Bobyland can give you a huge advantage to make your daily cleaning and maintenance.

If the weather is good for a dog, it would be okay to wash it outside with a garden hose, but you should consider this as a 2nd option. Let’s not forget that dogs don’t like cold.

Dog Washing

If you have decided to wash your dog at home, we have prepared for you what you should do;

Take care to scan your dog before washing. Hardened hairs can irritate your dog’s skin, holding the water. You may want to take your dog to a professional clinic and scan the feathers or have a haircut if necessary. Place a cotton pad so as not to catch the water in your ear. Helps prevent ear infections and irritation.

Use warm water for washing, dog skin is different from us and hot water can burn dogs easier. Keep water cooler for large breed dogs that can easily warm up.

Talk to your pet in a calm and reassuring voice. Some dogs will eventually understand that they are not torturing them, but some dogs would prefer to hide under a table when you remove the towel.

Use the dog shampoo. Apply the shampoo gently by bubbling and massage your dog’s body so that no soap gets in your eyes.

Rinse well. Any soap left in your hair may irritate your dog’s skin when it is dry. Rinse, rinse and rinse again.

Dry, but the hot air from the blow dryer may be too hot for the skin. Use a blower designed for towels or dogs to dry; In this way, excessive temperature will not cause itching or dandruff.

Reward your dog with plenty of compliments, likes or follow up with the game. You can play an exhilarating battlefield with a bath towel, after the washing process, you are avoiding frustration by leaving your dog irrelevant.