Playing interactively with cats is not only a fun activity, it also gives a valuable mobility session for cats of all ages. However, playing with cats strengthens the bond between man and cat, which becomes an important spirituality for the good of the cat and the owner. The interactive playtime between the cat and the owner triggers the cat’s hunting instincts and makes him active and keeps him at a healthy weight.

Kittens can play in any way, with almost everything you give them. It is also important to remember that your kitten is actually a baby; therefore it is necessary to keep away from sharp objects and small toys. When he or she plays with such dangerous goods, he may injure himself or swallow and pose a danger of suffocation. The best toy for kittens should be soft objects that they can usually pass their teeth on; Like chewing toys made of cotton.

How to play with adult cats can be answered with more than one toy. Because it can be easily squeezed, it is worth having different types of toys to play with your adult cat. These include stick toys, rustic paper balls, rope balls or bottle caps.

When playing with your adult cat, you have to eliminate the toy when the game time is over. If the toy is always accessible, it will soon become boring for your cat and lose its interest.

What frequency?

Taking the time to play twice a day will be great for both you and your cat. If you take some time to play before you go to bed, this game will help to calm a cat that mostly harasses at night.

If your cat doesn’t want to play games at first, don’t give up immediately. Continue experimenting; Your cat will start playing when the game wants to play and you will play as much as he wants.


You should be careful that your cat can swallow straight parts of rope, elastic band or anything else. Some thin parts of the rope may even become sharp when stretched. These can be good toys; however, you should not let your cat play with them alone.

Correct toys

The first thing you’ll want to find is a suitable toy for playing with your cat. If you’re trying to emulate the behavior of a hunted victim, you don’t want to use your hands. Your cat may bite, even if he gets too excited, he can bite. You want your cat to connect with patting and nutrition, not between hunting and killing.

It’s easy to find nice toys for cats and you don’t even have to buy them most of the time. A piece of paper or a ping-pong ball is as interesting as a toy, which is often produced for this purpose.

Here are some types of games that you can play with your cat:

• Throwing and catching: Make sure that the toy you choose for this is a toy that your cat can easily carry in his mouth.

• Wrinkled paper: Cats are particularly fond of sound made by crumpled paper or nylon. In order to make the game more enjoyable for you, it is useful to make a paper ball that does not dissipate easily.

• Rope and feathers

• Paper bag or box: Cats love to enter this type of enclosure. You can create a fun game session with a sturdy paper bag or a medium cardboard box.

• Laser or light reflections