It is obvious that cats are adept at keeping themselves clean and well-kept; but you also need to step in at some point. How to bathe a cat that is reputed to hate Sudan? First of all with plenty of compassion, then with the cats that we will give you!

What Materials You Need?

• Some old towels

•  Shower head

• Soft drying cloth

• Cat shampoo

• Two containers

• Two cotton ball

• Bandages and antiseptics

• One dirty cat

Before Starting to Wash Your Cat

• You must have the right preparation for a successful cat washing operation. It is important that the materials you may need are in the position you can reach at any moment.

• If you ask how the cat is washed, the first thing to say is: This is definitely a two-person job. One person should keep the cat constantly, and the other one must do the washing. It is not possible to complete the bath without such an aid.

• If you already know that your cat hates the bathroom and can fight you, it will be a good idea to cut your fingernails to minimize the chance of scratching. Of course, if there is an urgent cleaning of a chemical substance in its hair, this is not the case.

• Try to calm her down before you bathe your cat. Tell him you’re gonna bathe him, that it’s necessary for his own health. Maybe he might not, but who knows? Maybe he understands it.

• If you can, get your cat in a play session and then reward him with rewarding food before washing. This will help her to be more calm.

• Place a non-slip mat or towel under the sink or tub to minimize your cat and slippage.

How to Wash?

• Place shampoo in one of the dishes and dilute it with water at room temperature. In this way, your cat will not start a sudden and cold dose of shampoo.

• Bring your cat to your lap calmly, speaking and gentle with him, then holding it in the neck cavity, but quickly dive into the water.

• Your cat will most likely attempt to get out of the water with this move. It is important that you always hold your cat firmly from the neck cavity and get support from a second person.

• If your cat did not show an extremely tense and stressful reaction, place the cotton on the ear. This will prevent the ears from getting wet.

• Pour the reconstituted shampoo solution into your hair and massage it. Do not let the shampoo come into your cat’s eyes, ears and face.

• After soaking the drying cloth with clean water, gently move the diaper on the cat’s face. It’s important that no shampoo comes in here.

• Test the water coming from the shower head in your own skin first. At the lowest setting after you are sure of the temperature, start cleaning it at the closest distance to your cat’s feathers. The water you supply at close range will prevent your cat from remaining under sudden water.

• After removing the shampoo from your cat’s hair and skin, remove it from the sink and dry it using a soft towel. Do not stress any more stressful and worried cat with a towel.

• After taking the excess water accumulated in your cat’s hair, take it to a place that is not warm, silent or dense, and let it dry completely, relax and relax.

What you need to pay attention

• Do not wash your cat more than 2 times a year.

• How is a long-haired cat washed? For that, you can use the cat skin softening creams that can be obtained from your vet after shampooing.

• It is possible to heat your dry towels with your hair dryer before your cat will feel more comfortable and safe after the shower.