How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need?

Most people say we should sleep 8 hours a night, but individuals with a dog may not achieve this. Some animals can sleep all night, others make noise up or down and create chaos with more. Even though we think of our dogs as our children, do they really need to sleep as much as children? Or maybe they need more? Is it age-dependent as in children? Let’s look at how long you need to sleep according to your dog’s life cycle.

Dog Sleep Requirement

Your dog’s need for sleep will vary depending on the age, health status, activity level, type, and even size. In general, larger breeds need more sleep than smaller breeds.

As with most animals, dogs may also experience snoring sounds that are noticeable while sleeping. But this can be caused by your dog being too tired. Dogs can immediately dive into deep sleep. It can also sleep at different stages or at different times of the day depending on the type. These traits are valid even if they live without races or lives.

Sleeping Puppies

Puppies sleep about 20 hours a day, this sleep is almost similar to babies. They can also be cranky, like babies, when they cannot sleep enough, stay too long or are active for longer than usual. If you notice that your puppy behaves cranky, it’s time to let her peel for good relaxation.

Puppies, like adult dogs, tend to sleep in fatigue, so if you find that they cannot go to that deep sleep stage, you may need to make the house a little quieter or move to another room where they can relax.

Sleeping in Adult Dogs

Adult dogs tend to sleep for 12 hours a day, but because they live in a nest with people, they can sleep for eight hours at night like us, while at other times they can create other small rest hours in the form of shortcuts. Like old people, older dogs need more sleep than young people. As time goes by, we’re all slowing down.

Now, be careful, since you know more about your dog’s sleep needs, if you notice changes in your dog’s sleep habits, something that is not obvious, such as changing weather, exhaustion or exhaustion after exhausting, consider consulting with your veterinarian; Attention should be paid to this issue.

Just remember that your dog’s sleep programs and needs change over time, even if they change more than less activity, or vice versa. The best thing you can do is to do plenty of mental and physical exercises for your dog. A healthy dog ​​food such as Royal Canin allows them to fall asleep in their sleep in a good sleep while putting their heads asleep in their sleep. A good sleep is important for your dog’s happiness!