One of the first and most important needs of cat owners or those who plan to own a cat is the cat carrying case. There are a lot of options for both the used material, the inner volume and the accessories in the cat carrying cases of many varieties. What is important is the choice of your cat and the cat carrying case that best fits your needs.

A travel plan that needs to be traveled with a carrying case is something that strikes cat owners from hours before. One side is thinking about how to put the cats in the carrying bag, while on the other hand the cat is struggling with many questions in his own world.

• Many cats carry bags are now sold in three parts: the section divided into two and the lid. The separation of the middle into two parts makes it easier to carry out the veterinary examination, but the important point here is that the clamps on the connection points are sufficiently tight and secure. Loose latches carry a large risk because our cats are tiny pumkins.

• The carrying case should be large enough. You should be able to stand in your cat. In addition, the carrying case should be clean and the smell of another cat must not have faded.

• Close the door slowly if you notice that you are sleeping inside the bag from the time you get used to, play in, and start eating. Reward for every 1 to 2 minutes in which it stands. In time, you can increase your time by increasing this time.

• You can choose from a number of different bags and observe which one you’re used to, or you can open the top of the bags that are parted, then get used to the bottom and then close them.

• Do not force your cat into the bag immediately. Place pillows, towels or toys that your cat likes. Things that people love the smell of smelling will make him feel safe. In addition to the carrying bag to give him the prize food, to play, and after a few steps in the carrying bag of food and reward food to make your cat feel more comfortable and will be used.

• Most people keep their carrying cases in cupboards or garages. How many times a year we use the logic of the cat does not come across often, this tool is causing more stress. Instead of placing the carrying case in a place that is always accessible in the house and keeping it in its carrying case when it wants it will prevent it from being badly conditioned.

• A cat who is accustomed to the carrying case saves both the hem How will I catch it?

What to Consider While Buying a Cat Carrying Bag

• It is one of the most important elements that the carrying bag we will use for our cats is primarily washable.

• When picking up a cat carrying case, make sure that your cat has enough air.

• In recent years, especially in the case of cat carrying bags made with carcinogenic materials are encountered too often.It is more preferred these containers of transport, we must not forget that the health of our cat.

• If you are going to use the cat carrying case for a long journey. If your cat will stay in the carrying case for more than 4 hours, a large size carrying case must be used.

• Especially for coward and aggressive cats, cat carrying bags with soft inner surfaces should be preferred.