How Can I Practice My Dog on a Leash?

Most of the time, accustoming a one or two month old puppy to a neck or walk collar is quite simple and does not cause any problems. But as the fry grows, the probability of encountering with its resistance increases. The easiest way to practice during the game. While dealing with the pup, you can quickly pass the neck collar from the head and continue the game. If the kitten is always paying attention to the collar around his neck, try to distract him with a toy or other game. You can also try different ways. Put the leash around the dog’s neck and reward immediately, then remove the leash without giving anything. After a few seconds, put the collar around the puppy’s neck and give a reward. If the puppy is very stubborn and the dog collar makes him very worried, always put it on the puppy’s neck before eating. Only feed the pup with the collar attached. In the end, if you are constantly walking the puppy on a dog collar, their wearing will be a sign of gait for him and he will begin to use them with love, and even bring them to you.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Leash;

• The difference between your dog’s body structure, head and neck measurements

• Tasman is made of material that will not harm your dog

• Choosing the right model according to the living environment, health and activities of the dog

• If there is something attached to the collar, there is a safety mechanism that will allow the dog to escape from the collar.

• The size of the Tasman is the correct size according to the size of the dog’s neck