Cats are one of our pet friends who loves and loves us freely. Their games, their quirks and their mischievousness and their being happy in their way of being in their own way everywhere, are of course one of our common wishes. In fact, they are happy when they are with us, but when they are alone or in their natural needs, they need different activities.

• Every cat may not like to be itch or love, or to be held on the lap. Let them instinctively show some behavior. From time to time, moving away from high places can be a source of happiness for them.

• Their nails, which can stay in length in nature with their own wear, make them uncomfortable. For them, putting the scratching boards and sets on the walkways and shortening their nails at certain intervals, protects your cat’s nail health as well as the furniture in your home and makes them happy.

• It may sound interesting, but light-paced music such as classical music helps cats stay calm. Your cat will spend a happy and light day with classic music and mischief and hunting instincts when you’re not home.

• You can store a few toys that he loves in places he never hoped to find. These research games, which are a source of great happiness for domestic cats who are curious, are ideal surprises for cats that are alone in your home.

• When your cat is waiting for attention, be sure to take care of her and give her touches of love that make her feel special. To be loved is no matter how old a cat is, mother is as effective as compassion.