One of the most important duties of the dog owner is to ensure the health and safety of his dog. No matter how careful the owner of the dog is, it is possible to encounter unwanted situations. It is possible for our dogs to have a traffic accident, poisoning, burns and injuries, no matter how careful we are. And they’re not just things that happen to owner dogs.

Deciding to live with an animal makes you responsible to other animals at some point. Beyond the responsibility of your own dog, even if you do not have to own it, to take responsibility for stray dogs and to make their life easier on the street will strengthen your bond with your own dog and make it easier for you to understand it.

As with all dog related matters, it is of great benefit for the dog owner to obtain information in advance and to increase his knowledge and experience. The dog owner, who has the knowledge and experience, manages to use vital minutes in an emergency.


Never forget the possibility that a dog with a traffic accident may be very frightened, traumatized and in pain shock. The dog can bite you with pain and fear of shock, even if you have the owner or the owner. For this reason, if you have an accident with dogs in your car by covering a blanket or throwing your coat on the stabilization should ensure. Of course, before this application, if the animal is in the traffic flow, it is necessary to stop the traffic, to warn other vehicles with warning signs and to move the animal to a safe area after the zapturaptı. If there is any bleeding focus in the body, bleeding should be stopped and simple tourniquet should be performed, and in case of spine and bone fractures, it is important to carry the animal carefully until it reaches a veterinary clinic.


As soon as you see your dog eating something poisonous, call your veterinarian without delay and follow the instructions. He’il probably call you to his clinic. Take the toxic substance your dog eats. If it is packaged, you should take it with you, the information for treatment is indicated on the packaging of many toxic substances. If you do not see your dog eating something poisonous, but if you suspect vomiting, contraction, diarrhea, fainting, poisoning in a way, call your vet immediately and follow the instructions. If your dog vomits on the way to the vet clinic, put the vomit in a clean plastic bag or jar and take it with you. The contents of the vomit can give your veterinarian an opinion. As in all emergency situations, keep your calm and contact your vet immediately.


Dogs know how to swim. But when they get tired and can’t get out of the water, they can drown like people. In particular, dogs in pool houses face this danger. A dog that has been saved from drowning should be placed on its side just like in human beings and the water that has escaped to the lungs should be allowed to flow out. As in first aid in humans, it is important to cover mouth and blow artificial air by blowing air into the nostrils if necessary.


The burning of dogs as a result of spills of hot liquids as an example of classic home accidents may seem very small to your eye, but it can have serious consequences considering the size of your dog. This risk is particularly high in small races. When your palms burn up, it’s a big part of your body for your dog. In case of fire or burns caused by spilled liquid, the temperature of the damaged area should be reduced immediately as quickly as possible with cold water. You should go to the vet immediately. Do not try to treat the burned area with toothpaste, yogurt, pomade-like substances, which is one of the biggest mistakes made when people burn. What you need to be afraid of burns in dogs is wasting time. Pain in dogs, burns, loss of body fluids, and shock are dangerous to your dog and require a veterinarian to intervene.