The cats have a rough structure. This is due to the presence of small and large number of filiform papillae on the tongue. The basic material of their formation is keratin, which is the same as the substance that forms our nails. These papillae continue until the throat and make it easier for cats to take both food and make them.

The most important feature is that it has antiseptic property. In fact, this feature is not found in the structure of language, but in saliva. However, due to the fact that the tongue is a comb, the cat himself disinfects his body thanks to this antiseptic saliva. Our cat friends need to take the daily water need to use this excellent property. Cats themselves to lick themselves by licking both scanning and dead hairs are performing the process of shaving.

Cats often lick themselves and shave their bodies as well as shave them. Just like people’s sweating cycles, they lie in balance with the body temperature.

They cannot make a very good taste discrimination because there are not enough tasting organelles. In fact, they are very selective for salt and sugar.

One of the important and excellent features of cat language is its use for consuming liquids. Unlike dogs, they do not distribute water everywhere and they are very polite drinkers because of their languages. They consume liquids four times a second.

They show their love and protection against the owners. Baby cats learn to lie from their mothers and show that they are protecting them. When your cat licks you, you show that it protects. Next time you should think how lucky you were when your cat licked you