Dogs and cats often have ear problems, because the ear canals are warm, dark and moist, a good area for the growth of bacteria and yeast. Regularly cleaning your pet’s ears will help keep the ears healthy, as well as help prevent ear diseases, ear mites and ear infections.

Ear Cleaning How?

• First, gently hold the ear and pull it up while applying an ear cleaner to your pet’s ear canal. Fill ear with cleanser until it comes off ear.

• Massage the base of the ear for 20 to 30 seconds to soften and release the dirt. Using a cotton ball, wipe loose residues and excess liquid. Repeat this process until you see the dirt.

• Then, let your pet nod your head to remove excess fluid and then dry the ear area with a towel.

When cleaning your pet’s ears for the first time, you may need to use the ear cleaner more than once to remove all debris. Please note that your pet will shake his head during ear cleaning and pay attention.

Ear Infection in Cats and Dogs

Dogs and cats cause bacteria and yeast to ear infection. Ear mites, allergies and excess hair in the inner ear can contribute to the development of infection. In some cases, the ear canal is wetted in the bath or in the gum, and this moisture causes the microorganisms to grow in the ear.

Other Ear Problems in Cat and Dogs

Ear diseases are a common problem in domestic animals. Allergies, parasites (ear mites), yeast and bacterial infections can be caused by excessive moisture in the ear. Ear disease often causes an odor, discharge in the ears and redness.

Ear mites are a common problem in cats, but can also occur in dogs. Ear mites usually cause dark, dry and crumbly rash on the ear, similar to coffee soil. If your pet has ear mites, it will clean the ears and kill the mites to apply the ear medicine.

If you suspect that your pet has ear problems, you should consult your veterinarian.

To Prevent Ear Problems

Our pets should regularly clean their ears. If you have ear problems or swim too much, it is recommended that you clean your ears three times a week.