The reasons for the dog’s eating of the soil may be different, it may be a psychological disturbance that he or she may have had before, or he may have some mental problems. It may also be caused by a problem called obsessive-compulsive disorder in medical science. Some dogs have soil eating habits as a result of a disease or habit that comes from the family of dogs, but the soil in general, the cause of this habit or disease suffers from the lack of enough minerals and vitamins. You can get the most accurate result after you show it to the veterinarian.

One of the reasons your dog is eating soil is that it cannot take foods such as minerals, vitamins or even probiotics from foods. This may be due to the fact that the food you give is not a balanced food.

Dogs’ natural instincts lead them to survive. For this reason, if your dog is not fed enough, instinctively eat soil, etc., and try to replace the minerals and vitamins that it lacks. You should observe this situation and think about changing the food your dog uses.

This situation is more often encountered when the dog is not eating bones, a reason for your dog to eat cooked may be. When food is cooked, the minerals and vitamins in it disappear rapidly.

• Feeding the soil due to your dog’s lack of minerals may indicate that he has a disease such as intestinal infection.

• Intestinal diseases cause bleeding in the intestine or cause ulcers, which may cause anemia in your dog.

• Anemia may be other factors such as haemorrhagic tumors, parasites, ulcers and chronic kidney disorders.

• In the parasites called hookworms, they absorb blood by sticking to the intestine and therefore cause anemia. Ticks are examples of external parasites.

• Stomach ulcers cause anemia due to bleeding

When people get bored or stressed, they show different behaviors such as playing with their hair and eating food. They can react differently when your dog cannot drain their energy. If your dog is stuck in the house uninterested for a whole day, he will do something to entertain him. Earth can be one of them at dinner.

Some dogs, especially young and juveniles, are very eager to play and eat with the soil when they are bored. When they are bored, it is normal to do so if they are not cared enough when they stay in their huts all day long. Remember, dogs are like people. If they cannot find it, they can behave in this way.