When you look at your dog, you may have noticed that you have watery eyes in a part of your life with your dog. Of course, with the first instinct, it is very likely that your dog cries for being sorry for anything; but these tears may be the cause of sadness. What are the causes of dogs’ eyes and what should we do in such cases?

Most puppies cry. One of the biggest reasons is that they want to be with their families. When a puppy is born, a process is defined as learning through impression. In the process, the puppy owner must allow the offspring to remain with his mother and siblings for the first two months. This method allows puppies to gain social skills.

• If you see the offspring sleep with their mothers and siblings, you will notice that they are sleeping by being wrapped. Therefore, if the puppy cannot see anything in the body that can protect him, he will cry.

• Find a plush animal toy larger than your puppy, and put the toy in your puppy’s bed so you can lie next to it and hug it.

Every dog ​​has a different way of communicating with the owner. For example, many dogs prefer to push dog food with their paws, when they are hungry, to go near dog food and to tell their owners that they are hungry.

However, others choose to cry. And as a rule, they always do this near where they eat.

Sometimes if your dog’s eyes are watered, it may be that something has escaped. If there is a small foreign material such as dust or dirt on your eyes or lashes, this can cause eye watering in your dog as well as in any human being. Most of the time your dog can throw away this foreign substance and cry in a short time. If the foreign substance does not come out of his / her eye, you may need to observe your dog and take it to the vet.

Just as in humans, allergy in dogs can cause their eyes to water. Dogs may be allergic to many different things, especially pollen, smoke, dust, dirt and food content. In order to detect this, a dog allergy test should be done to the vet.

There’s so much to scare a dog. For example; When you move on to a new home, noises from outside, when the owner goes on holiday stay somewhere else, go to the vet, or stay alone.

Normally, this happens when the dog is more attached to the family, or when the owner comes to take it back.

As we said before, dogs can associate behavior with results. If you take care of it to soothe your dog’s cry, play games, the animal knows it and cry again for your attention.

The only way to deal with this is through professional training.