Because of the hot summer days, many dog ​​owners think of shaving their dogs for comfort and protection from heat. Some dog owners, even in winter, complain about the shedding of their pet friend inside the house, and the idea of ​​shaving them is attractive. In the light of all these arguments, before shaving our friend, it will be the right way to know whether it is the right practice, whether it is necessary for the dogs to be shaved so that they do not really get hot, and to know them better. Many of the dogs are covered in feathers to cover the entire body. Depending on the race, the thickness, density and quantity of these hairs may vary. Feathers protect our friends quite well from cold weather and serve as a shield against the harmful effects of burning sun rays. As it is understood from here, the shaving process that will be made to relax in the hot months will actually make our dog unprotected against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

Two times a year, especially in the spring, the dog hairdresser ler to go to the hair cut or shortening can be done. When the feathers are cut, we notice that our little friend, who is faced with cold weather, may get sick. It is useful to do before the weather heats up or the weather gets cold.

The shortening of the hair is not as easy as it seems. Especially when cleaning the felted hairs, scissors or machinery and the owners of dogs and cats that suffer damage to the clinic may have to run urgently. There are cat dog hairdressers who are self-made for shaving and have this job. There are hairdressers working in many veterinary clinics. A cat or dog shave starts at 40 TL and goes up to 150 TL depending on the size of the cat and dog.

Animal care is not easy. Siberian wolves, kangal, caucasian shepherd dogs, saint bernard, pekinese, terrier breeds like breeds. Keep in mind the conditions of care you will receive when buying these dogs. It’s bad if you say I can’t work.

Of course, it is appropriate to talk about the psychological dimensions of the phenomenon of shaving. Some dogs after shaving for a while with the negative feeling of separation from the fur; they can also shape behavioral disorders such as hiding, closure and depression.

Metal cuttings made with short-cut shavers can cause hair and skin burns as a result of metal warming.

Keep in mind that real professional dog shavers always prefer the scissors abbreviation.

– Brushing our dog every day …

– Shortening his very long and tangled hair with the help of scissors …

– By putting a few cubes of ice in the water pots or wetting the lower parts of the body in the summer …

It is possible to both relieve our friends and create our own comfort. In light of all this, it will be easier to understand that machine shaving is not essential for the dog.