No dog likes to be alone. But it is not always possible to take it with you wherever you go.

Puppies say they can only be alone for 2 hours because of physical reasons.

The opinions in adult dogs are significantly different. One side who said he could be alone for 4 hours in a familiar environment, the other side who said he could stay in the garden for 8 hours or in a doghouse. What is important is that the remaining 16 hours of the day can be in contact with people.

The fact that dogs stay at home alone is an important part of the basic education process.

Getting Your Dog Alone To Be Alone

First you need to know what reactions your dog gives. You should not start to be alone at home, because of every behavior and negative movement. Because you should be aware that you will not get over it easily if you are worried about loneliness.

He can react in a stressful way if he understands people in the house when they’re going out or when you get the key in your hand. This is because he understands that he will be alone at home. To do this, you should try to get out of the house and enter the house again after closing the door. You must remain indifferent to the reactions from the moment you leave and you must re-enter it after you have finished these actions. You should do similar exercises and continue your work without taking care of it during the day. In this way, desensitization training will be given.

Even though you always sleep together, if you want to get used to staying home alone, then you will have to separate your bed. A couple of days may react to that, but at the end of this time, you will get used to it. This means that you are used to being alone in the times you are at home and that you are acting independently means that you will behave the same when you are not.

Of course, your dog will not be willing to leave your eyes behind and leave for hours. For this reason, you do not want to take a negative attitude to you to want to live a long time to say goodbye. However, this is extremely unfavorable for your dogs if you want to be left alone. Therefore, you should try to keep goodbye.

Your dog may be running to you immediately if he wants to feel comfortable. You may like this at first. However, when you want to believe that you can stay alone, you need to stop being the focal point. For this, it is a much more appropriate decision to prepare different objects that are of interest. You can start taking this step as soon as you play, get stress, and concentrate on specific objects to get involved with things.