Dog Care In Hot Weather

In the summer months, the rise of hot temperatures also requires measures to be taken in the summer season. Measures should also be taken for the protection of animals in the same way for people in the summer. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to dogs in hot weather. For the health of dogs, it is especially useful to protect from heat during the summer months.

During the winter months, the animals are protected from the cold by their feathers and are not affected too much. They need protection and care in the hot summer months. In animals facing the risk of heat shock in the scorching heat of the summer, there are no sweat glands in humans. So they can’t stabilize the body temperature by sweating. The small sweat glands beneath their paws also help in releasing a unique fragrance.

In warm weather, there are important points to consider for the health of dogs.

  • In the summer, water consumption of domestic animals is increasing. Therefore, animals should be given fresh and cool water.
  • If you have the possibility to create a cool corner in your home or garden. So your dog will not be directly affected by the sun’s temperature.
  • Make sure that the watches that you walk your dog during the hours when the sun starts to lose its effect.

We advise you not to leave pets alone, especially during the summer months. Airlessness, fresh water needs can cause them to be overwhelmed at home, or even harm them. A friend who is sure to give a daily drink of water and ventilate the house or a health hotel will be the healthiest option for them.

  • If you are going to travel with your pet, you can stop eating 8 hours before you start thinking about nausea and stool. You should always give the water.
  • Never leave your cats and dogs in the car, it is a fatally risking act for animals as well as for humans. Interrupting windows will not work much.
  • Shave hairs or scan regularly. Especially in the double-layered fur structure and single-layered long-haired races can be cut. Short and single-layered, feather hair is not recommended for dogs with a smooth feather structure. It is useful to contact an experienced pet hairdresser for hair removal.
  • If you do not want to cut the feathers to refresh the hair can be moistened, but then be sure to remain in the shade. Wetting under the sun can be the reason for the increased heat.
  • Never give your cat and dogs ice water. Ice can cause throat infections or even upper respiratory disease.
  • If your dog has spent hours outside, he may face different foods. Bones, fruit that will seem harmless to you (especially wet and raisins), carbonated drinks, sauces, spicy foods, processed meat products such as salami-sausages are not suitable for the digestive system of pets.
  • Raw eggs, raw fish, uncooked chicken skin, offal should definitely not be given to animals. Uncooked foods can cause digestive system disorders resulting in vomiting and diarrhea, as well as causing more distressing consequences such as anemia, poisoning.