Human love begins with animal love. In order to give our children love of animals, it is useful to introduce them with animals as early as possible. The importance of cats, which are our harmless and adorable friends, is very important in terms of gaining the love of animals for babies.

These lovely friends are especially helpful in terms of mental health of our baby. The presence of a cat at home makes your baby a happier child, and the amazing bond with your cat may surprise you. Your baby will also learn to take on and share responsibility.

When your baby comes home, there will be a slight decrease in your interest and time for your cat. Reduce your interest in your cat and play hours a month before the baby comes home. Thus, your cat will not associate the baby with less interest.

Introduce your cat to your friends’ babies as soon as they can. Give your cat one of her favorite prizes and introduce it. In this way, little babies will think that they are good flock members who bring cookies. If your cat reacts to the baby, don’t scold him or yell at him. Take it away calmly and try again as soon as possible. Make sure that little kids can pamper your cat and not pull their tail. If the child is not old enough to hold your cat safely, do not allow it.

When you first enter the door with your new baby, it is better if someone who is not a family member carries the baby. Greet your cat as you always do. Don’t go out of your daily routine. Do not hold too long to meet and take the baby to the room.

Call your cat when she’s calm. Talk to him in a calm and beautiful tone. Reward your baby if he is quiet. If your cat is angry and aggressive, do not overreact, shout and reprimand him away from the space. Try again later. After a short while with patience and stability your cat will become his best friend to get used to this little new member of the family.

Home animals do not pose a health threat to infants. Make sure your cat’s vaccines and internal-external parasitic spraying are done. If you are worried about the hairs flying in the air, we can advise you to shave your cat (2-3 weeks before delivery). If your cat goes out to the garden, when your baby starts to crawl, you should wash your cat’s paws from the street.

Your cat can perceive the new baby as a second cat. Some cats can mark some parts of the house with their urine to describe the boundaries of their area to the new cat. There is nothing to do in such a situation. Over time, the baby is not a threat to understand and will give up.

It was observed that children growing up with animals were more social, happier and more compassionate individuals in the future. Please consider your cat as a threat to your baby and don’t give up on your cat. With a little patience, a little labor, your baby can have a very valuable brother.