Cats and dogs are also rather docile, friendly and loyal animals. However, many species of cats and dogs have not liked each other in history. That’s why cats and dogs have always been in competition and have fought.

As it is known, kittens and dogs live in the environment where they live and live. If the cat and the dog come together, they will not harm each other, but they will get used to each other. This can happen even when adult. An adult dog and an adult cat can get along well.

Cat and Dog Practice Process

You have a cat at home and you have a dog or you have a dog, but would you like to own a new cat, or will you own them both at the same time? If you already have a pet at home, you have to choose the new future by considering the habits and behaviors of the home. Cats and dogs already have different behavior, habit and body language by nature. It will be difficult to acclimate cats and dogs to each other and to create dangerous situations for both sides.

Cats are generally more comfortable with large dog breeds. However, races like Siamese cats do not want to establish a close relationship with the owner and share the house with others. Match the most important personality traits of animals. A trained adult dog who knows the commands is a better candidate to meet with a cat, because he is more likely to adapt to warnings you give him not to pursue the cat and play hard.

When you bring the new cat or dog home first, keep the door closed in a separate room

The primary sense used by animals is the smell. When you encounter something new, the first contacts happen with sniffing. Therefore, you must make them accustomed to the smell of each other without bringing them together. For this, the toys in the house are always played by the dog or cat, and what you have left for him in the newcomer’s room will help. Place the dog’s toy next to the cat’s food container and the cat’s next to the dog’s food container. This enables them to recognize each other’s smells during an activity that stimulates positive emotions such as eating. Let them play with these toys and change them from time to time. Exercises are also useful, like putting a blanket on a dog bed.

Let them know each other at a safe distance.

Don’t force them to get together when you’re doing the cats and dogs together. Even if you do not observe any negative behavior such as whipping, hissing, barking, keep this meeting short and separate them.

Pets are just as jealous of young children as their newborn siblings. Do not deal with them equally.