Hair loss in cats is a normal condition. The hairs of a healthy cat fall out. The amount and dosage of spillage; it can vary according to your cat’s type, feather structure, age, sex, living conditions and many other parameters. Hair loss increases in seasonal periods, in periods and in infancy. Although the feather cast is a normal condition, it must be followed carefully. Abnormal hair loss can be a sign of disease or a psychological problem. If your cat is shedding more hair than ever, you should be a good observer and learn why.


• B vitamin deficiency is the most common cause of cats. You can supplement the required amount of vitamin B with veterinary control.

• Cats should have nutritional programs like us. One-way and only vitamins, protein-based diets cause physical illnesses due to deficiencies in the body in later times. In addition, poor quality foods also wear down the cat feathers.

• They may experience stress if they change their habitat, leave their offspring, or break down due to other reasons, and this may cause their hair to fall out.

• If you prefer to shave to get rid of the hair, you can invite the cat to experience stress and new skin diseases. Cats are obsessive-obsessed animals that lick themselves up and clean up. This change in their external appearance affects them more than you can imagine.

• Internal and external parasitic treatment of cats is important not only for disease but also for the health of feathers. Most of the internal parasites are transmitted by feces, and cats can lick their entire body while spreading their parasite eggs to their feathers. In this way, the swallowing of the hair is common cyst disease causes. The cause of the cyst is the parasite eggs on the hair, not the feather itself. Therefore, healthy animals do not make the hair loss.

• The hormonal secretions of cats in their bodies during the mating months or during the pregnancy process also change and intensify. This situation is reflected in the feather of course.

• Scanning the hairs of cats at regular intervals allows them to get rid of lifeless hair and less hair.

• Piraeus is also an external parasitic and adheres to the hairs, causing them to affect their health. In addition to this, various skin diseases can also be experienced.

• The dehydration of cats is one of the reasons for their hair growth. In particular, in the summer months, frequently replace the water containers with fresh water.