The emotional world of cats is very mysterious. But if you try to understand your cat carefully, you can see your cat’s feelings. Cats, like humans, use many methods to express their feelings. A cat’s eyes can be irrigated, but this is not an emotional response. Cats don’t cry like wild people do. Cats like to cry these sounds to keep away from rival cats. The cry-like sounds of kittens are the message of their mothers to ses I am here Yav. In addition to this, the kittens sound similar to crying when they are cold or hungry. Stress is a very important problem for cats. Changes in the living area of ​​cats may stress themselves. As cats age, their voice crying also changes. Even older cats can make unconscious sounds.

A sick cat cannot say or It hurts or hurts ıy. But a cat that is constantly crying can have such a problem.

Did you add a new item to your home or have a new roommate in your home? The change of home environment can pan your cat. Even cat brand can surprise itself. Keep in mind that cats, unlike dogs, react to even the slightest change in the home and outside of their routine.

Examine your sexual organ for anything unusual.

Review the toilet box and faeces.

Check to see if your mouth, nose and eyes discharge.