No movement of cats is random, so you should consider and care that if you notice a change in your fellow man’s behavior, serious reasons may lie under it. Shivering is not a normal cat behavior, in fact it is not true to say shivering because shivering is usually involuntary. Cats can tremble in the cold just like we do, because the cold is a warm shivering cat that we need to do is to keep warm. So, what causes the shaking of cats outside the cold?


Poisoning is one of the most common problems in cats. Cats are sometimes poisoned because of their mischief and sometimes unfortunately by malicious people or institutions. Shivering is one of the symptoms of poisoning in cats. Intoxications caused by different substances in cats, tremor is seen together with other poisoning symptoms.


Epilepsy is also seen in cats and causes seizures. Epilepsy seizures also cause tremor in cats.


Tumors that exert pressure on cats’ nerves may also cause them to tremble.


Cats can tremble when they are afraid, just like humans do.