Yes, many cats don’t like water, they don’t like getting wet, but it’s good for them to cool off in hot weather. Spraying your ears, belly, and paws with water so they don’t scare you will help cool off. Taking the cat into the pool, throwing it into the sea or showering is a behavior that we do not recommend and we do not find right.

We said hot weather and cats, but what if your cat doesn’t hit the sun? First you have to calm down. Your panic will make your cat worse and scare you. In such a case, take your cat to a cool place. Wrap the outside of the mouth and nose with towels soaked in cold cool water. It is very important that the head regions remain cool in animals as we do in humans. Keeping your head in cold water to keep you cool doesn’t save your cat, causing more serious problems, especially shock. The safest thing you can do is keep her cool until you take your cat to the vet without wasting time.

Is there anything like ice in hot weather? If you need to leave in the morning and be out all day long, it is very useful to put 3 or 4 ice cubes in the water container so that your little friend is not affected by the heated air at noon. In this way, your cat will cool off at the hottest moments of the day every time you take a sip of cold water. The only place you can use ice is not limited to the water container. On the hot days, it will be a miracle if you put the water you put in a plastic water bottle into the freezer at night and wrap it in a towel on your cat friend’s bed the next day.

Place a small square fan on the floor, just under your air conditioner or an open window. Your cute friend will feel the wind flowing through the feathers thanks to the ventilator near its neck and at its level, and will feel much better by cooling.

The feathers will make your little friend’s head headache in heat. To prevent this, you can take your cat to the vet and have it shaved. But if your cat is white or light, it could open the door to sunburn. To prevent this, you can only shave your cat’s hair on the abdominal side. In this way, your cat will both relax and be less exposed to the damage of the sun’s rays.

If your windows are on the south or west facade, it would be a sensible choice to close your curtains at the peak of the sun. When the curtains close, the rate of sun rays entering the house will decrease, so your little friend will be less affected by the heat.

Never leave your cat in your car for whatever reason. In a very short time, a closed car can overheat and turn into a small bath. Therefore, it is very important that you do not leave your cat alone in the car, even for a few minutes.