When a new baby is added to the family, it is quite normal that dog owners have some concerns. In order for your dog to adapt easily, you should start working months before birth. Dogs are animals that live in a herd. Her behavior is dominated by herd psychology. Your dog will perceive the baby coming home as a new member added to the herd. You should evaluate the time until birth, and prepare your baby’s new place in the herd in a hierarchical way.

If your dog has basic obedience training, everything will be easier. If not, have this training until birth. Knowing simple commands like stop, stay, sit, no, yes will make your work very easy.

Some dogs, especially small breeds, may perceive the baby crying as a threatening sound and show aggression. To prevent this, listen to your dog a few times a day, recording a cry of baby cry, and offer him a reward.

Most dogs react to the arrival of food containers. In order to prevent your baby from being hurt during her infancy, months ago, when your dog is eating, bow to the food bowl and give her a beloved prize. In this way, he will relate those who love to the food bowl with the awards he loves.

On delivery, the day before the mother comes home, bring the blanket or the sleeper she takes home and cool it to your dog’s bed. That way, he’il know his smell before he comes back. If your dog wants to play with these items, don’t let them. Take things calmly from him; try again after one hour. It is very important that your dog knows that you cannot play with the new baby.

When you first enter the door with your new baby, it is better if someone who is not a family member carries the baby. Greet your dog as you always do. Don’t go out of your daily routine. You can give him a reward. When your dog calms down, put her on a leash and introduce her to the baby in a controlled manner. If your dog is calm and positive, the data allowed to sniff. Do not hold too long to meet and take the baby to the room.

Home animals do not pose a health threat to infants. Make sure your dog has vaccines and internal and external parasitic spraying. If the hairs flying in the air worry you, we can advise you to shave your dog (2-3 weeks before delivery). When your baby starts to crawl, you must wash your dog’s paws from the street. It was observed that children growing up with animals were more social, happier and more compassionate individuals in the future.