Accessories for Dog Grooming

Although dog care is thought to be difficult, it would be fair to say that it becomes extremely easy with products such as dog grooming accessories. Accordingly, it can be said that the use of dog grooming accessories and such products makes dog grooming more comfortable. We will provide information about dog grooming accessories that […]

Water Consumption in Cats

After two months of cats, the amount of water in their bodies increases to 75%. Your cat should consume regular water to maintain a normal life. Since cats do not consume a lot of water, we may need to direct them to increase the amount of water they receive from time to time. To do […]

Is Dogs Medicated?

From time to time, our pets know the disease for various reasons. In such sad situations, sometimes we are surprised and anxious about what to do. Whereas; this condition usually occurs for a reason to pass with medication. When your dog is sick, the first thing you need to do is take her to a […]

Iranian Cat Features

Iranian cats, one of the oldest known cat breeds, have a great reputation all over the world. Persian cats, which are a part of almost every cat breed, are known all over the world under the name Persian. As it can be understood from its name, the origin of this race, which originated in Iran, […]

Should I Give My Dog Vitamin?

It contains vitamins and minerals, as well as the daily food of our dog friends, as well as supplementary foods in the name of different foods are available. Vitamins are especially important for puppies. Dog vitamins and supplements to be offered as supplements in order to get their daily energy fully must be researched and […]

Should I Give My Cat Milk?

Although milk appears to be a natural nutrient for our cats, cow’s milk does not contain any nutritional value for our cat, and can cause many digestive problems. The reason for this is that many cats lose their lactose resistance after weaning. The decrease in resistance to lactose means that they cannot digest sugar naturally […]

Benefits of Walking With Your Dog

We do not need to say that exercise is necessary and beneficial for the health of both humans and dogs. When dog walking comes to mind, we focus on getting out to make our dogs feel comfortable, but we need to remember how important it is. Dogs need to get fresh air and move. You […]

Why Do Cats Sleep with Their Owners?

Cats sleep very close to their mothers when they are young. So, instinctively, you’re the cat’s mother now. Therefore, your cat will repeat these habits in the first months of life. If your pet wants to sleep on your lap; this is because he wants to feel safe in the event of any situation that […]

How Can I Practice My Dog on a Leash?

Most of the time, accustoming a one or two month old puppy to a neck or walk collar is quite simple and does not cause any problems. But as the fry grows, the probability of encountering with its resistance increases. The easiest way to practice during the game. While dealing with the pup, you can […]

Effects of Cats on Human

According to some research, scientists, cats in the incredible degree of peace, relaxation of the immune system of the owners of advanced strength, he says. This is not only said in the house we look at, it is true of street cats that we love every day at the street and feed with cat food. […]

Do Dogs Sweat?

It is common for dogs to breathe fast with their mouths by dangling their tongues out to keep the body temperature rising after intense activity or in extreme hot weather. In this way, it is not difficult to guess that dogs are trying to cool off. On the other hand, it is a condition that […]

Why İs My Cat Rubbing?

It’s a frequent move by cats, rubbing. They especially like rubbing our legs. They strengthen your bond with you by rubbing you. Odor secretion glands are present on all sides of cats, especially on the tail, head, cheek, mouth and front paws. If your cat crawls on you, it actually marks you as ait your […]

What Are Common Dog Diseases?

When your dog gets sick, the first thing everyone wants to do is find out what they are. Then we want to know how we can help them become better. We will explain some of the common diseases of dogs and what you can do to help them in their recovery. You must ensure that […]

How Do Cats Love?

You show your love to your lover and friend in some obvious ways, but have you ever asked yourself: nasıl How do cats love? Vard There are many unique ways to express the love of cats. Some of the ways cats show love are clear, others are so thin that you can miss this move. […]


One of the most important duties of the dog owner is to ensure the health and safety of his dog. No matter how careful the owner of the dog is, it is possible to encounter unwanted situations. It is possible for our dogs to have a traffic accident, poisoning, burns and injuries, no matter how […]


Secretory glands are among the basic elements of oral and dental health of cats. The glands also affect the functioning of your cat’s entire digestive system and the fight against diseases. Cats generally have difficulty eating and general swelling of the face can be a sign of oral problems. Intraoral problems cause cat slobbering after […]


Puppies are very small when born and are completely dependent on their mother. So much so that puppies are in need of their mothers not only to feed but even toilets. When puppies are born, their eyes and ears are closed. So baby dogs are blind and deaf when they come into the world. But […]


Compared to dogs, cats are self-sufficient pets in many ways. This inevitably makes them less in need of human intervention. Especially when it comes to personal care and cleaning, there is nothing better than cats to be able to clean itself perfectly. However, cat owners should never fail to do regular checks to ensure that […]

Salt in Dog Food

Salt has two main benefits: It is a food that helps balance the electrolytes and also leads to nerve and muscle development. Acts as a preservative, helps to bind moisture in food Remote dog food, some of the reasons Increases salt flavor, possible dogs are more likely to eat Helps producers fix food – moist […]


No movement of cats is random, so you should consider and care that if you notice a change in your fellow man’s behavior, serious reasons may lie under it. Shivering is not a normal cat behavior, in fact it is not true to say shivering because shivering is usually involuntary. Cats can tremble in the […]


There are many different opinions about whether to get them to bed. Some say against it, others say otherwise. Although some people find sleeping in the same bed as dogs sız unhealthy, unhygienic or behaviorally harmful ”, there are also many who argue that“ my dog ​​loves and is happy, relaxing and soothing “. Allowing […]


Yes, many cats don’t like water, they don’t like getting wet, but it’s good for them to cool off in hot weather. Spraying your ears, belly, and paws with water so they don’t scare you will help cool off. Taking the cat into the pool, throwing it into the sea or showering is a behavior […]


Diarrhea is a very common disease that affects many dogs. This may be a more serious problem than we think, especially if we don’t know how to treat it. It can cause your animal to lose too much fluid or cause it to worsen due to intestinal bacteria. Diet change Reaction to a specific food […]


This mysterious species, which is said to be one of the most adorable cat breeds of the planet, has an interesting personality with its movements as well as its appearance. Sphinx cat spoken with intelligence in particular is said to be educable. It is said that he likes to spend time together with the owner. […]


Who doesn’t like a good massage? In addition to its many physical benefits, massage helps us relax and feel better overall. Well, you might be surprised to hear that the massage is also great for dogs. Dogs are people who are in need of us, who are very much interested in attracting attention during the […]


Cats secrete large amounts of fluid through their eyes. If the eyes are not cleaned, these fluids will eventually dry out and build up, causing burrs and infection. For this reason, we should pay attention to our cat’s eye cleanliness and we should routinely perform cat eye cleaning. The incidence of eye fluid flow varies […]


Because of the hot summer days, many dog ​​owners think of shaving their dogs for comfort and protection from heat. Some dog owners, even in winter, complain about the shedding of their pet friend inside the house, and the idea of ​​shaving them is attractive. In the light of all these arguments, before shaving our […]


If you look at your cat’s paws carefully, you’ll see that one of the biggest differences between people’s hands and feet is the number of fingers. Cats have 5 fingers on the front legs and 4 fingers on the hind legs. So there are 18 fingers in total. Of course, this number may be even […]