The cats have a rough structure. This is due to the presence of small and large number of filiform papillae on the tongue. The basic material of their formation is keratin, which is the same as the substance that forms our nails. These papillae continue until the throat and make it easier for cats to […]


The mating periods of the female dogs, which are described as the period of anger, ie the estranged dog, between the oestrus or the common people, show some differences compared to other domestic mammals. Depending on the breed of the dog and a number of factors, such as oestrus or anger twice a year on […]


In cats, obesity often occurs when you regularly measure the cat’s weight. If you regularly take your cat to a veterinary examination, its weight is already measured; this leads to a much easier identification of weight gain. However, as far as you can observe from the outside, you can also organize a measurement mechanism at […]


Chewing is normal for dogs, but can cause problems when your shoes, books or furniture are targeted. Correcting troublesome chewing is often only to prevent unwanted chewing while encouraging your dog to chew on suitable dog toys. If chewing occurs only when you are alone, talk to a dog trainer or behaviorist, as there may […]


Vaccines are important for your cat’s overall health and longevity. Cat vaccines are medically and scientifically proven to counteract the transmission of injury and deadly cat diseases. Although cats are considered to be very powerful animals, their care requires special care. Cats may also become infected, and may be severely affected by bacteria and viruses. […]


Dogs are living with many instincts such as digging, barking, liking people. Many animal owners believe that swimming is among these instincts. In fact, swimming is a skill. But it is not right to expect every dog ​​to have this ability from birth. Keeping his head above the water and swimming enthusiastically in his water […]


Healthy Cat’s Mouth Your dog barks, smells his face and opens his mouth with a dog smile to show his teeth, but it is a little more difficult to see healthy cat teeth. When your cat whips his face or lets you touch his face, look at his gums. Healthy gums are bright pink. If […]


Dogs and cats often have ear problems, because the ear canals are warm, dark and moist, a good area for the growth of bacteria and yeast. Regularly cleaning your pet’s ears will help keep the ears healthy, as well as help prevent ear diseases, ear mites and ear infections. Ear Cleaning How? • First, gently […]


Dogs sometimes itch with an arbitrary but especially if it scratches and scratches or scratches in the area where it scratches your attention to the veterinarian must show your dog. Dogs have diseases that cause itching. You can see it as itching when you look at it, but you can go to the veterinarian to […]


You don’t lie in cats as you know. If they don’t like something, they’il show. They don’t lie. You can’t lead them in your head. They do something if they really want. And if they don’t want something, they’re not gonna make them eat them. Doing something that they don’t like without knowing them would […]


A healthy body results in a healthy mind, which applies to almost all animal species. Exercise is useful for all young or old dogs; you only need to adjust the amount of exercise appropriate to your dog’s age and fitness level. Exercise not only provides the benefits of dogs on a physical level, but also […]


It is obvious that cats are adept at keeping themselves clean and well-kept; but you also need to step in at some point. How to bathe a cat that is reputed to hate Sudan? First of all with plenty of compassion, then with the cats that we will give you! What Materials You Need? • […]


Dogs we have a fairly similar structure with people. Therefore, the stages of their development are similar to people. Dogs change milk teeth like the same babies and dog owners who do not know it often worry that their dogs are broken. Whereas the puppies pour their milk teeth is a natural part of their […]

Cat Behaviors, Considerations.

When cats are hiding, they don’t expect you to call them. Instead, the cats are silent, dark and seemingly inaccessible, so that they can stay alone. Especially if their health is not good. But why are they doing this? How can the cat owners help? To pay attention to the behavior of thin cats is […]

Things To Consider When Buying a Dog Food.

How do you choose your dog’s food? Do you buy what your dog’s veterinarian recommends? You’re asking the salesman his idea, they’re not gonna be enough. None of these methods allow dog food analysis to take place, or it is not the right method to buy and feed the food that is right for you […]


Most cats don’t like to travel. Because they are connected to their own environment and they feel very vulnerable when you are away from this environment. In particular, neutered cats’ interest in the outside world is to watch birds from the edge of the glass. However, in some cases, traveling with a cat may become […]


Although we accept dogs as a member of our family, feeding the food we eat in the same way can harm them. They’re not used to eating fatty foods, diarrhea, and irritating stomachs. It is important to know which foods are toxins for dogs and avoid them. Chocolate Chocolate is known to damage dogs. Unlike […]


There is no concept of family in cats. Therefore, they can even mate with their own male cat. Although they first instinctively protect and feed their offspring, the offspring stop taking care of them as soon as they are weaned. Therefore, cat sterilization operations are performed. Many animal lovers oppose this situation. However, it is […]


Our understanding that a dog is pregnant is only possible in the last weeks of the nine weeks of pregnancy, when his belly becomes colossal. The best way to learn it is to take your dog to the vet, but it may be useful to be aware of the physical and behavioral changes that may […]

When Can I Take A Veterine

Cats are so independent creatures that maintenance is not necessary as long as they are fed regularly. Nevertheless, at different ages and at different stages, cats need veterinary care. Treatments can usually prolong and even save the life of a pet. A GOOD START FOR PUPPIES Newborn kittens get mothers milk from their mother’s milk […]

Dog Care In Hot Weather

In the summer months, the rise of hot temperatures also requires measures to be taken in the summer season. Measures should also be taken for the protection of animals in the same way for people in the summer. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to dogs in hot weather. For the health of dogs, […]

What Does Cat Whiskers Do?

In the middle of the night, what do cats’ whiskers do, except to tickle our faces? Most people know that whiskers replace a measuring instrument in many cat breeds. Cats measure narrow gaps with the width of their mustache and decide whether they can pass through a gap. However, not all cat breeds use their […]

How Do I Know The Body Language Of My Dog?

They say it takes a few seconds to make someone’s first impression. In just a few minutes, our brains analyze a body body language and see an impression when we meet. This impression, whether correct or not, is a great indication of how the rest of the relationship with the new person can emerge. Dogs, […]

Life Stages Of Dogs

Knowing what stage your dog is in life, when you find it scratching your head, it can help you in wondering why the seat breaks your shoe behind them or why they don’t want to leave the seat. Small dogs often ripen much faster than large breed dogs. Larger species usually take longer to mature […]

Life Stages Of Cats

Have you ever wondered which stage your cat is in? Many people often talk about the different stages of life of their dogs, but most of the time they know about their cats. Are there life stages of cats? Does it explain up to a dog? Yes, there are many different stages of life, and […]

How Does the Shelter Dog Adapt To The Home?

Shelter dogs come from different backgrounds. Many were rescued from the streets and never had the chance to live with a family. They never knew a living in a house, which I would like some things and rules to learn. The good news is that you have patience and education and your dog, which you […]

Old Cat Care, How?

Old age for cats begins at about 8 years of age. At this stage, the care of a cat becomes more special with different needs than that of young cats. If your cat begins to show signs of old age, it’s time to make your aging as pleasant as possible. As with humans, disturbances can […]

Dry And Age Cat Food Differences

There are many food choices to feed your cat. However, not all preferences include the same lifestyle or nutritional benefits. From simplicity to nutrient analysis, each of these factors is important when looking at cat food types. Here, we’ll talk about age and dry cat food differences to help you choose the one that’s best […]

How to Wash a Dog at Home

It is an advantage for small dog owners at home dog washing can be thought provoking for large dog owners. You can wash a small dog in the sink, but if your dog doesn’t fit in the sink, using the bathtub can be the best solution for you. In some cases, you may want to […]

Can The cats wear a leash?

When you consider taking a dog or a puppy, it is usually one of the first things you buy. This is about having a responsible dog. The dog may inadvertently escape and disappear, a way for their recognition and communication with the owner. This is usually ignored when buying a cat or kitten. So, should […]

Protect Your Dog from Harmful Water

With the recent rise in weather, many dog ​​owners are taking their dogs to the pools, lakes, rivers and seas to cool off. Let us remind you of a few water safety tips to keep in mind: It could be worse than what you think. Bilir Water toxins in may affect any dog ​​that swallows […]

How To Choose a Cat Table?

Choosing a healthy food for our dear friends can be a frightening process. Numerous commercial cat food brands fill the shelves of pet stores. There are different cats for young cats, old cats, fit cat, active cat, couch cat, sick cat, good cats; Too many choices, very little information! Let’s face it, the food is […]

The Way to Enhance Dog Health

The term health is widely spoken nowadays. You have seen many attractive and new health blog posts written, claiming that the Avocado will solve all your problems and that coconut oil will change your life. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our physical and mental health. After all, the key to a healthy […]

How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need?

Most people say we should sleep 8 hours a night, but individuals with a dog may not achieve this. Some animals can sleep all night, others make noise up or down and create chaos with more. Even though we think of our dogs as our children, do they really need to sleep as much as […]